March 2020

Emily Adinolfi, Business Development Executive, xRapid Group.

Emily Adinolfi presented on the Use of Artificial Intelligence to conduct asbestos phase contrast microscopy (PCM) analysis and mold analysis.

February 2020

Brad Granley, President and Founder of Clear Creek Environmental Solutions.

Brad Granley is a licensed, professional engineer and the President and Founder of Clear Creek Environmental Solutions and Leachate Management Specialists. He has over 25 years of engineering experience and has helped change the way industry looks at industrial wastewater disposal by being at the forefront of developing and implementing a class of Green technologies called “Natural Systems.”

Mr. Granley presented on the New Technologies for the On-Site Disposal of Industrial Wastewater and Highly  Saline Brine Using "Natural Systems."

Mr. Granley discussed the considerable need that exists across numerous industries to identify and implement new and efficient industrial wastewater disposal methods in order to reduce costs. Natural Systems are those that strategically leverage Nature's abilities to sustainably solve practical, man-made problems.

January 2020

Tara Pike, UNLV Sustainability Coordinator & Recycling Manager.

Tara Pike is the founder and current manager of the UNLV Rebel Recycling Program. She started the campus recycling center 25 years ago after completing an undergraduate senior thesis about the feasibility of starting a recycling program for UNLV.

In 2009, she also became the Sustainability Coordinator for UNLV. She is passionate about continuing the diversion of recyclable and compostable materials, but is also keen on increasing the waste reduction of the campus.

Tara presented on the current sustainability efforts at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the Sustainable Development Goals.

December 2019

Dr. Simon Jowitt, Assistant Professor of Economic Geology at UNLV.

Our Annual Holiday Mixer was held December 18th from 3:30-6:00 pm at Cili. 


Our keynote speaker was Dr. Simon Jowitt.  Dr. Jowitt's research focuses on the use of geochemistry to unravel geological processes in a variety of settings.  Dr. Jowitt discussed recycling and secondary sources of the rare earth elements.

November 2019

Mark Silverstein, Principal Planner with The Clark County Department of Aviation (CCDOA).

Mark Silverstein joined the CCDOA as a Principal Planner in 2008, primarily to work on environmental planning for the Southern Nevada Supplemental (Ivanpah) Airport Project, as well as on NEPA compliance for the department's five operating airports (including McCarran International Airport). Mr. Silverstein has helped develop the department's already successful recycling efforts into a broader sustainability program.

Mr. Silverstein disccussed CCDOA's sustainability efforts with a cursory mention of the status of the Southern Nevada Supplemental Airport (Ivanpah).

October 2019

Chuck Prebay, President of Cal-Bay Controls

Cal-Bay Controls is a consulting firm located in Southern California, specializing in air monitoring and environmental products and services. One of Cal-Bay Controls products are Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS). CEMS are required to be installed on many combustion and process sources to measure air emissions.

Mr. Prebay gave a presentation on CEMS regulatory requirements, the industries affected by these rules, and the various types of CEMS products available.

September 2019

Katie Combs, Represents Las Vegas Livestock and Combs Brothers.

Las Vegas Livestock and Combs Brothers work together to help Las Vegas Resorts collect, transport, and recycle food scraps as feed for livestock.

Ms. Combs presented on the history of food scrap recycling in Las Vegas, as well as the direction that reducing food waste is headed.

August 2019

Doa J. Meade, P.E., Director of Infrastructure Management at the Las Vegas Valley Water District and Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Ms. Meade discussed the current drought conditions and the initiatives, infrastructure, and contingencies that the LVVWD/SNWA has put into place to protect the most critical resource in Southern Nevada.

July 2019

Jim Oliver, VP of Technology, DataSight USA

Mr. Oliver gave a presentation on UAV (drone) services including data management, multi- and hyper-spectral analyses, mapping, T&Es, methane detection, and LiDAR.

June 2019

Robert Cole, Senior Environmental Health Specialist, Southern Nevada Health District

Robert presented on "Legionnaires’ Disease: A brief overview of Legionella bacteria and its effect on public health”.  He discussed using the bacteria ecology, the first high profile outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, the response of the Southern Nevada Health District to reports of illness, and a brief case study of a patient.

May 2019

UNLV Student Panel

Nicole Martin, Yasaman Saedi, and Karlena Tyburski presented on research projects involving the bioremediation of perchlorate and other groundwater contaminants at the Nevada Environmental Response Trust (NERT) Site in Henderson, NV. 

April 2019

Mr. John Pekala, CEM, Principal Ramboll

Mr. Pekala discussed the Nevada Environmental Response Trust (NERT) and the use of 3D visualization methods for understanding nature and extent of contamination in the remedial investigation study area. 

March 2019

Mr. Jason Dolce, Western Regional Manager, ERIS

Jason gave a presentation on the history and future of Phase 1 ESAs, the original purpose of ASTM Standard E1527, and changes that have shaped the future of the environmental due diligence industry.

February 2019

Mr. Jay Piper, Geologist/CEM, Jacobs Engineering Group

Mr. Piper discussed Lean Approaches to Optimize Monitoring Programs and how Lean concepts can provide a framework for monitoring program optimization, quality, and cost saving initiatives at complex sites.

January 2019

Mr. Jerry King, Member of the Citizens Climate Lobby and Chair of the Southern Nevada Chapter of the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG)

Mr. King presented on the Citizens Climate Lobby and their promotion of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

December 2018

Brett Lashbrook, Owner and CEO of the Las Vegas Lights FC

Mr. Lashbrook discussed his story of entrepreneurship and how he brought professional soccer to Las Vegas. 

November 2018

Rachel Lewison, Southern Nevada Recycling Coordinator, NDEP, Bureau of Sustainable Materials Management

Ms. Lewison was our presenter for National Recycling Month in November.  Ms. Lewison presented on the NDEP's recycling program and their collaborative efforts to promote waste reduction, reuse, and recycling in Southern Nevada.

October 2018

Paula Metz, Technical Services Assistant Manager, Alliance Source Testing

Ms. Metz presented on stack testing, the analytical test methods involved, and how the regulated community can prepare themselves for a successful stack test.

September 2018

Jennifer Lipkin, Senior Air Quality Specialist, Clark County, Department of Air Quaility

Ms. Lipkin presented on the Clark County Department of Air Quality Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP).  Ms. Lipkin discussed the SBAP and their efforts to assist small businesses throughout Clark County manage their air quality permitting and compliance needs.

August 2018

Dr. George Rhee, UNLV, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Rhee presented on the sustainability of water resources in the Colorado River Basin, the effects of climate change in our area, and the probability of continued drought throughout the Southwest.    

June 2018

Dr. Jaci Batista, UNLV, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction

Dr. Batista presented on her publications "Analyzing Land and Water Requirements for Solar Deployment in the Southwestern United States" and "The Impact of Waters of Lesser Quality on Soiling Removal from Photovoltaic Panels".

May 2018

Lydia Scherr, M.A., Climate & Society, Columbia University

Ms. Scherr who recently received her Masters in Climate and Society from Columbia University presented on Eco-Cities in China and her experience living in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City (SSTEC), and how air, water, waste management and societal factors undermine the concept of SSTEC.

April 2018

Raymond Hess, Director of Planning Services, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

Mr. Hess discussed “On Board – Your Future Transit Plan,” a comprehensive plan for Southern Nevada which is being developed.  Once complete, the plan will identify how enhancements to the current bus system, new high capacity transit services and emerging transit technologies can improve future mobility and accessibility for our residents and visitors.

March 2018

Julie Chadburn, Compliance and Regulatory Operations Manager and LeAnna Risso Plant Operations Manager, Clark County Water Reclamation District

​Julie Chadburn and LeAnna Risso presented on our community's water care cycle, how water is processed at the Flamingo Water Resource Center, and how they are extending our community's water resource.

February 2018

Mr. Whitney Francis, Clark County Department of Air Quality

Mr. Francis gave a presentation on the NESHAP asbestos abatement and demolition program at Clark County DAQ.

January 2018

Dr. David James, UNLV

Dr. James gave a presentation on the U.S. Department of Energy's 2017 Solar Decathlon competition and discussed how UNLV's team performed.

December 2017

Debra March, Mayor of the City of Henderson

Mayor March discussed the state of the city of Henderson, economic development, and improving public safety and education.

November 2017

Dr. David Kreamer, UNLV

Dr. Kreamer gave a presentation on his experience with hazardous waste characterization and remediation, aquatic biota in lake systems as indicators of climate change, and anthropogenic influences on climate change.

October 2017

Joanna Wadsworth, City of Las Vegas

Ms. Wadsworth gave a presentation on "Smart Cities" and Las Vegas' investment in and current testing of technologies which help manage various public service sectors.

September 2017

Jeff Kirkwood, Nellis Air Force Base

Mr. Kirkwood gave a presentation on hazardous waste management as it relates to the Department of Energy and the Air Force.

August 2017

Dina Titus, US House of Representatives

Congresswoman Titus spoke about environmental issues effecting Southern Nevada and provided an update on current legislation.

July 2017

Dale Keller, NDOT

Mr. Keller gave a presentation on the current progress of Project Neon and environmental oversight of the project. 

June 2017

Zach Hills, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Mr. Hills gave a presentation on the history of the Las Vegas Wash and the engineering of an urban river. 

May 2017

Reid Wolcott, NOAA

Mr. Wolcott gave a review of the National Weather Service responsibilities and discussed how they interact with local agencies such as the Department of Air Quality and NDOT.

April 2017

Brian Redlinger, Eagle Drilling Services, LLC

Mr. Redlinger presented on the many high profile drilling projects he has worked on, including Hinkley, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, and the Atlas Missile Silos.

March 2017

David Gaskin, Deputy Director, NDOT

Mr. Gaskin discussed NDOT's stormwater program and recent challenges that his team has encountered.

February 2017

Scott Carter, City of Las Vegas

Mr. Carter gave the history of the Symphony Park project and discussed the environmental challenges of the site.

January 2017

Dr. Rampur Viswanath, Retired

Dr. Viswanath presented on his Fulbright Scholar Program air quality project for measuring and fingerprinting VOCs in Bangalore, India.  

December 2016

Kevin Mock, Test Site Director, Hyperloop One

Mr. Mock discussed the Hyperloop One project which is currently being developed in Las Vegas as a new way to rapidly move people and products.

November 2016

Jeryl Gardner, Program Coordinator, NDEP Abandoned Mine Lands

Mr. Gardner gave an overview of the Abandoned Mine Lands program and went through several projects that are currently ongoing in Nevada.

October 2016

Jared Wagstaff, Las Vegas Paving

Mr. Wagstaff provided an update on the Interstate-11 project, connecting Las Vegas to Phoenix.

September 2016

Debi Kinney, Clean the World

Ms. Kinney discussed the non-profit organization's work on recycling hotel soap and building hygiene kits for distribution in underprivileged areas.

August 2016

Kevin Ulrey, Parsons Construction (on behalf of Southern Nevada Water Authority)

Mr. Ulrey presented an update on the recent completion of the Third Straw water intake at Lake Mead.

July 2016

Nick Saines, Saines Environmental 

Mr. Saines presented the five "Blue Zones" which each have the highest concentrations of centenarians and longest life expectancies on the planet and delved into the suspected reasons for the zones (environmental, diet, water, religion, etc.).

June 2016

Marci Henson, Director, Clark County Department of Air Quality

Ms. Henson gave an update on Clark County's efforts to improve air quality, including the challenges of meeting EPA's new ozone standards.

May 2016

Mindy Unger-Wadkins, Lakemoor Development

Ms. Unger, Project Manager for the Three Kids Mine and Mill Site Remediation and Redevelopment Project, gave our attendees an update on the project that is underway in Henderson, Nevada.

April 2016

Dominick Franchino and Brian Northam, SNHD

The SNHD was on-hand to discuss the new underground storage tank regulations that went into effect in 2015.

March 2016

Dale Walsh, Walsh Certified Consultants

Mr. Walsh spoke about a variety of industrial hygiene issues including naturally occurring asbestos, new silica regulations, Legionella, and public nuisance issues regarding marijuana cultivation facilities.

February 2016

Jon Ralston, The Ralston Report

Mr. Ralston entertained the luncheon attendees with a Q&A session on a wide variety of local political topics ranging from the solar energy battles to the current presidential elections.

January 2016

Steve Cooke, NDOT

Mr. Cooke, Chief of NDOT's Environmental Division, spoke on naturally occuring asbestos and the challenges associated with it as related to the Interstate 11 project.

December 2015

Mayor Carolyn Goodman, City of Las Vegas Mayor

A&WMA International President-Elect Brad Waldron spoke on behalf of A&WMA and introduced Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman was our Keynote Speaker for 2015.  The Mayor spoke on her experiences living in Las Vegas, current environmental issues, and the state of affairs in Southern Nevada.